2022 Akron Maternity Photoshoot Trends

2022 Akron Maternity Photoshoot Trends

The top trends in maternity photography

Is anyone else absolutely LIVING for Rihanna’s pregnancy fashion?? It has really only been in the last 30 years that women aren’t hiding their pregnancies behind mumus. When Demi Moore bared all in her famous Vanity Fair Cover people lost their minds, but it was such a huge step forward in smashing the taboos around pregnancy. I would not be standing here today as an Akron photographer predominately shooting nude maternity portraits if it hadn’t been for those brave enough to show us it’s beautiful and it’s art and we should document it.


Like most creative endeavors, trends come and go and come back again so I wanted to put together a list of my favorite Akron maternity photoshoot trends for 2022! I hope you enjoy!

2022 Akron Maternity Photoshoot Trends | Silhouettes

Expecting couple photographed nudeSimple and timeless; silhouettes are always one of my favorite images to take for an expecting mother. Somewhat anonymous, you can show off your beautiful new curves and all the hard work you’ve been doing to grow a tiny human. The stark contrast from the highlight (bright part of the image) to the shadows (dark part of the image) really brings out all the best features of a pregnant belly and body and the remarkable things you’re accomplishing in this moment.

2022 Akron Maternity Photoshoot Trends | Wings

pregnancy shoot with wingsWho doesn’t secretly want to be a Victoria’s Secret model right? Wings are the perfect accessory to give depth and texture to the image. And you don’t have to bare all to use our wings! They can be added to any outfit to give some flare and personality in the portrait. Additionally, angel wings symbolize love and protection. And I can’t think of a better time than pregnancy to encompass those attributes. You are the very first protector of your unborn child, and you conceived them in love and they will always be a part of you.

Fine art maternity portrait wearing wings


2022 Akron Maternity Photoshoot Trends | Milk Bath

Lace maternity dressArtistic and ethereal; the milk bath has exploded as a trend with staying power. The epitome of beauty and femininity – mixing beautiful floral blooms with layers of lace or tulle to highling the swelling belly. I know this trend is somewhat polarizing, some love it and some hate it and think it’s weird (no, it’s not breast milk. We use cows milk or non dairy creamer if our client is vegan or has a milk allergy). As an artist, I think it is so creative and pretty! And bonus: it leaves your skin SILKY soft. That’s a win win in my book.

2022 Akron Maternity Photoshoot Trends | The “Wet” look

seductive maternity portrait

I love this trend! It just screams sexy! Like how can you not feel like a celebrity on the cover of People Magazine?. It’s a versatile look too because we can use different colored fabrics, and because they are quite literally sticking to your body, it shows off your figure perfectly, but still tasteful. Not for the faint of heart, even when we use warm water to dip the fabric in before placing it on your pregnant form, it gets cold quickly. Expect a little discomfort for this one, but hey, beauty is pain right? Worth it!

Sexy maternity photoshoot

2022 Akron Maternity Photoshoot Trends | Crowns, headpieces, and hats

goddess crown maternity photoshoot


It’s unclear when and where hats originated, but some of the earliest depictions trace back to Ancient Egypt. We can find hats in many famous paintings so it’s not surprising that in the modern world that fascinators would still capture the hearts and creative minds in the fashion industry. As it relates to your akron maternity photoshoot though, we use hats to add a creative element to the image, to obscure the face so the focus is completely on the pregnant form, or to keep the subject somewhat anonymous. We also use headpieces to evoke the feeling of a Goddess. Many ancient depictions of Goddesses show them wearing various forms of headpieces. We want you to see yourself as the amazing Goddess you are, bringing forth new life.


mysterious maternity

2022 Akron Maternity Photoshoot Trends |Fabric draping and gowns with long trains for tossing

pregnant woman wearing a crown

Fabric draping has become a staple skill for all maternity photographers. The right photographer can create a gorgeous effect with draping, lighting, and a little wind (via an in-studio fan). We can create entire ensembles from just a piece of fabric. Expert tossing by our assistant can result in some artistic creations where you look as though you’re enveloped in flower petals. The flowing of the fabric along with your glowing face is a sure-fire way to create a majestic, whimsical maternity photoshoot that you’ll simply have to frame.


black couple expecting pregnant mother in blue maternity dress

2022 Akron Maternity Photoshoot Trends | Water reflections

mermaid pregnancy shoot


Water symbolism represents the essence of life. Without water on Earth, there would be no life on Earth. No other planets that we know of have water, and because of that, no life on them. Water itself is a great symbol of life. Life energy, motion, and even fertility are wonderfully symbolized by water. It’s no wonder we are drawn to images of water and reflections. Incorporating this element into your Akron maternity photoshoot just makes sense. Like looking into a mirror, seeing the future and what your life will be like when your baby arrives. 



A quick recap of our favorite Akron maternity photoshoot trends:

  • Silhouettes
  • Wings
  • Milk Bath
  • The “Wet” look
  • Crowns, headpieces and hats
  • Fabric draping and gowns with long trains for tossing
  • Water reflections

What is your favorite Akron maternity photoshoot trend? Did I miss any? Be sure to comment below!

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