amanda ellis



meet the team

I’m obsessed with strong coffee, Ohio sunsets, binge-watching The Great British Baking Show, snuggle sessions with my daughter, and my hot tech-nerd husband. Not necessarily in that order.

I talk fast, walk fast and have very little patience if I'm behind slow people. But give me a newborn, and I'll sit and rock that babe allllll day.

When I’m not photographing newborn sessions, you can find me watching my bird feeders and obsessing over the new species that decided to show up! #birdnerd.

I had a mullet until I was two (talk about awkward), grew up in a small town called Creston that no one has ever heard of. I spent a lot of time on our trampoline (before the safety nets or spring pads, mind you. I'm surprised we didn't get hurt) and I could not get enough of being outside.

Amanda: photographer

A newborn photographer is more than just a photographer. We are a caregiver for your infant during the 2-3 hour session. Don’t settle for the first photographer you find, or the cheapest one around. Your newborn photographer will be handling your infant for 2-3 hours, posing, positioning and soothing. Find a photographer that you LOVE, that speaks to you, and whose work you can’t live without. Its an investment that is worth every penny, as they will provide you with stunning images you and your baby will have for generations.

Take your time, look around, and hire a professional that is right for you. Treat your newborn photographer as you would your wedding photographer – because this is the most important event of your life.

The Philosophy

| Needles. I'm covered in tattoos but I HATE medical needles
| Whales. Seriously... they freak me out.
| Pumpkin Spice - I know, I'm in the minority here
| Shopping in a store, online shopping for the win! 
| Sesame flavored anything. Yuck.


| Iced vanilla lattes and sweet tea are my drinks of choice
| Indie bands and going to shows
| Winged eye liner and lashes big enough to talk to Jesus
| Bobs Burgers is my comfort show
| All the plants, indoor and out!


Weird mom of 2 cool boys. Lover of Doctor Who & foreign films. Born and raised in Alaska. Basically a real life adult Daria.

I’m from a tiny town in South Central Alaska and I didn’t have indoor plumbing until I moved to Ohio in 2004. Alaskan life is super cool but uh, I really love hot showers these days.

When I’m not assisting Amanda with your newborn session, I’m a full time body positive, fine art boudoir photographer. I spend my free time (wait, what is free time?) cooking and baking and feeding the people I love.

Heather: associate

| Peanut butter. None. Not ever.
| Roller coasters, carnival rides, Ferris wheels
| Musicals, comedies and sitcoms
| Dark chocolate
| Hot weather


| Cold brew & iced coffee. Hot coffee? All coffee? Any coffee?
| Live music and punk shows
| Sushi
| Band shirts and Doc Martens
| Handmade coffee mugs
| The Pacific Ocean
| Dramas. The sadder the better.



Some people feel a lot of anxiety about this part. We know you’ve put in a lot of effort to make this happen. Gathering clothing, wrangling all of the people, delivering the baby. We applaud and appreciate you. And now you can relax. Now is when you sit back and revel in your family and what you’ve created. Now is when you enjoy this process. Take some deep breaths and feel all of the love that went into the making of this one unique family of yours. We’ve got this; we’ve got you.



We’re going to show you your images and sometimes people cry. We like that part. We’ll have snacks and drinks and you can relax. We’re going to help you sort through all of the images that you’re going to want to keep. It’s going to seem impossible choose, but we know you can do it with our help. Together, we’ll curate a beautiful collection of images that tell the story of this particular time in your life. We’ll help you decide where that story is going to go and how it’s going to be displayed for you to remember as you move on to your next chapter.

We’ve partnered with the best professional printers, craftsmen and artists to create exceptional works of art for your home. From giclee to traditional silver halide photographic prints and hand-bound albums, your images are printed in a technique rated to last for generations.



Your legacy begins on delivery day. We’ll pop by your house or meet you at the studio and hand you beautiful artwork featuring those people who make your life, your life.