4 Tips for Successful Newborn Sibling Photos | Akron’s Best Newborn Photographer

4 Tips for successful Newborn Sibling Photos | Akron’s Best Newborn Photographer

Tips for successful Newborn Sibling Photos

As a newborn photographer, my work is about more than just babies. It’s about the whole family! And after photographing hundreds of families over the past 12 years, one thing I’ve learned about parents with their second baby is they are still very much worried about their first baby and how they will respond and react to their new sibling. Toddlers are notorious for being unpredictable and at times volatile. As a mom of a toddler, I get it! So how do we ensure a smooth session with zero tantrums and a toddler who will actually enjoy their time at the studio? I have tips for getting the best newborn sibling photos! Read on!

Sibling photos Akron Ohio

Tips for successful Newborn Sibling Photos

1. GIVE SIBLINGS A JOB THEY ENJOY | Tips for successful Newborn Sibling Photos

Kiddos can sometimes feel left out when a new baby arrives so I always make a point to get down on their level when they first arrive at the studio and give them lots of attention. I also like to have them “help” me with setting things up before we even get to photographing. Winning them over early helps them feel special and important so when it comes time for photos we’re already friends! 

Sweet sibling newborn photo

big brother with his newborn brother

2. INCLUDE TOYS AND SNACKS | Tips for successful Newborn Sibling Photos


I am not above bribing siblings and you definitely don’t want a hungry toddler! We keep tasty snacks in the studio and I even have a special treasure chest full of little toys they can choose something out of after their photos with their sibling! I always recommend bringing some of their favorite toys or lovies or a special toy they’ve been wanting for a while as a reward for helping with their baby brother or sister. 


big brother with his new brother

big brothers loving on their new baby brother

3. GET THEM EXCITED | Tips for successful Newborn Sibling Photos


Most kids love seeing pictures of themselves so let’s use that to our advantage and share some images of other sibling photos with them so they know what to expect! Let them know you can’t wait to have some special photos featuring them. I also love to take some silly face photos and show them the back of my camera so they can see themselves and we giggle together. 

proud big brother with newborn sister

Baby number 3 with his 2 siblings

4. TAKE A BREAK DURING THE NEWBORN PHOTOSHOOT | Tips for successful Newborn Sibling Photos


I try to get sibling images done early in the session so they can check out if needed. We have some fun toys in the studio and a huge tv for them to watch Cocomelon or whatever their favorite show is. We have lots of tricks to get them to smile and laugh and cheese for the camera. But if things start to go off the rails, sometimes all a kiddo needs is a quick cuddle, story, or game to get them back in the mood to pose for the camera. There’s no rush when you’re with us!

Big sisters with newborn sibling

help from daddy holding his baby brother

Still unsure if these tips will yield the best newborn sibling photos? Feel free to let me know any concerns you have during your pre-session consultation. I’m happy to help you brainstorm ideas on how to help siblings enjoy a newborn photoshoot. And if things come up during the session, no worries! We’re in this together, and we’ll be able to come up with some creative ways for everyone in the family to have a great photo experience! I’ve been doing this for over 12 years and there has never been a situation we couldn’t handle! We have lots of tricks up our sleeve to get beautiful images with the even the most rambunctious sibling!


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Ready to chat with me about what your dream newborn sibling photos look like and how we’re going to display it as artwork in your home? Contact me below!



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