Newborn photos with mom | 4 reasons it’s more important than you think

Newborn photos with mom | 4 reasons it’s more important than you think

Newborn photos with mom

Newborn photos with mom | 4 reasons it’s more important than you think


‘All I See Is You’ by Jessica Urlichs

“People sometimes ask of my favourite days.

 And I think of you being placed in my arms.

So small and new with those perfect wrinkles.

Those little cries I didn’t yet recognise.

At times I needed holding too, but oh, how I loved holding you.

Never had I felt so complete on empty.

Those slow motion days now harder to glimpse.

You are the sun to my rise,

as I think back to my favourite days.

And then I wasn’t supporting your neck anymore.

You were bouncing round on my hip instead.

Suddenly you were crawling and so was I,

discovering your new view with you and all you would get into.

You wore your personality with pride and as your confidence grew so did mine.

My heart was open and you filled it up.

You are the softness to my edges,

as I think back to my favourite days.

And then you were standing and I was standing a little taller too.

Growing into myself with you.

You were the chaos that gave me life.

As you took your first wobbly step you looked at me.

‘Is This OK’? you asked with your eyes.

‘It’s OK’ I nodded back.

And off you went.

I’d do anything for you.

You are the piece to my puzzle,

as I think back to my favourite days.

And now you’re growing into those bloated cheeks, a little boy before my eyes.

I think of the way your hand fits in mine.

The way you say, “I love you Mummy”.

You are the beat to my heart.

We’re lying on your bedroom floor and you’re soaring your toy car in the air.

“It’s REALLY fast Mummy, it’s my favourite car”

I look at you and tell you it’s my favourite too.

My absolute favourite.”

Words: @jessurlichs_writer ‘All I See Is You’

You can buy her poems on her website: https://www.jessicaurlichs.com/shop

new mother with her infant

I love this poem so much because it’s completely true and you can’t even believe how fast it goes. The days are long but the years are short. We only get 1 chance with our children. 18 years to make as many memories as possible as a family. Will they know how much you care? Will they know they’re the center of your universe? That they’ll always be your baby, no matter how old they get.

For those that recognize the importance of documenting these precious moments, you don’t need convincing to hire a professional newborn photographer. You know you are the only one in your family behind the camera capturing sweet moments of the baby with their dad. But who’s there to take newborn photos with mom? 

mom kissing her newborn baby girl

At Amanda Ellis Photography, we want to spoil you, mama. We want to give you an incredible experience where you sit back, have a full make over with hair and makeup, beautiful dresses to wear and a relaxed environment where you can be pampered while watching your sweet little one being photographed before it’s time for you to step in front my lens. Your baby will never be this tiny again. Let’s get them in the studio and add first portrait session to the list!

snuggled with his mama

-Your Newborn Portrait Experience Includes:

-A Complimentary Phone Consultation!

-Professional Careful Posing for Newborns!

-Access To Props, Outfits, and Accessories!

-Detailed Personalization To Create The Portraits Experience Of Your Dreams!

-An Unforgettable Portrait Experience with Amanda Ellis!

capture these early days after birth

gentle kisses from mother

Just listen to what our amazing mothers have to say about their newborn sessions….

“Amanda did an amazing job capturing our newborn last year! Not only was she super friendly and clearly passionate about what she does, but also, she had a great set-up at her home studio with all the props needed to make the shoot special! I was so impressed at her ability to gently handle our little babe and pose her in natural ways to capture her just right!” – Momma L

“Amanda’s attention to detail and artistry are unmatched. She is wonderful to work with and made the photography session easy and fun. Her studio is beautiful and she has all the perfect props and customizes based on your preferences. The pictures Amanda has taken of my babies are priceless and they hang up in my house and will be treasured for my lifetime.” – Momma A

Mother in lace with her wrapped newborn

motherhood portrait

And now I want to go into 3 of my top reasons for capturing Newborn photos with mom:

1. REGRET | Why get newborn photos with mom

I have never heard a client regret GETTING pictures taken. But I have heard lots of regrets about not getting them. I can assure you that these family photographs will be your most valued possessions. Portraits are the one thing that will become more valuable over time. There will come a time when your grandchildren are gathered at your knees and you will want to pick up an album and go through the pages with them. I promise this moment will happen and the bills will have all been paid and long gone.  The cribs donated to the new mommy down the Street and the stroller tossed after years of use.  It’s the albums and the portraits that are left to enjoy. Make sure you’re IN those photos with your babies.

beautiful motherhood photo

beautiful blonde mom with her infant daughter

2. GENEOLOGY AND HERITAGE | Why get newborn photos with mom

What you take in your photos may not just be a moment, but rather an experience that lasts forever.  You want to leave something behind for future generations so they can know who we were and how our lives intertwined with theirs; this is why it’s important what kind of pictures we take! Once you begin to look at these as bigger than the moment, they become invaluable. My great-grandchildren deserve photographs from their grandparents as much as my grandchildren do–and once these young people grow up and have families themselves, there will still remain plenty more moments worth preserving.

blonde mother with newborn

3. BABIES DON’T KEEP | Why get newborn photos with mom

On the day after your wedding, you have two things left: A husband and photos to remember by. Newborn photography is truly no different. Except you’ll be so sleep deprived you won’t remember those early days with an infant!  

Within the first few months of life, babies go through many changes. Many don’t even look like the same baby by the time they are just three months old. Their skin tone changes, along with the shape of their body, their hair and eyes, and the way they behave around mom, dad, and others. It’s unpredictable and bittersweet. Don’t blink or you”ll miss it!

“You’re gonna miss this

You’re gonna want this back

You’re gonna wish these days hadn’t gone by so fast

These are some good times

So take a good look around

You may not know it now

But you’re gonna miss this”

Song by Trace Adkins

newborn baby Rose with her mom
newborn photo with mom

4. YOU WANT TO SHOW OFF THAT BABY | Why get newborn photos with mom

When you look at your new baby, you see a perfect match for all of the things in life that make us feel beautiful. You smile as people comment on how cute or handsome they are and send hearts their way because it’s just another example proving to ourselves -and maybe even them- what an amazing parent he/she will one day become! So show off that sweet babe with newborn photos with mom that show the beauty of both of you!

Stunning mother with her sons

Mother with long red hair smiling sweetly at her new baby

newborn photo with mom wearing a blue dress

Motherhood portrait with her two children

Ready to chat with me about what your dream Newborn photos with mom look like and how we’re going to display it as artwork in your home? Contact me below!

Having trouble Convincing your husband to have professional newborn photos done? Then you’ll definitely want to check out my blog post with my tips on convincing him!

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