Baby sitting next to cake for cake smash portraits

9 Alternatives to Cake for 1-Year-Old Cake Smash Portraits

Milestone sessions for a baby are always so much fun. A chance to showcase who your little one is at this particular stage of life (and when they’re small it feels like it all changes SO FAST!) One of the most popular milestone sessions celebrates a baby’s 1st year–and many people opt to do cake […]


February 3, 2023

Newborn baby photography with props

4 Reasons You Should Skip The Hospital Photos (And What To Do Instead)

Skip The Hospital Photos For Your Newborn You’ve just gone through the grueling process of labor and managed to come out the other side a very smitten, and very exhausted, new parent. And one of the first things you get handed after this miracle of life? Paperwork. And, included in this paperwork, there’s usually something […]


January 13, 2023

6 Free Tips From A Maternity & Newborn Photographer: Choosing The Right Studio For YOU

As an experienced and well-established maternity and newborn photographer, I understand how draining and overwhelming going through portfolio after portfolio can become. What are you really learning by only looking at the outcome of a maternity or newborn photography session? How will you know a photographer is the best fit for YOU and this special time […]


July 12, 2022

Pregnancy Boudoir | Is it for you?

Pregnancy Boudoir | Is it for you?

Pregnancy Boudoir “I feel huge” is the first thing out of many of my client’s mouths. You aren’t alone! Your body is going through an insane amount of changes, and fast! At six weeks, your uterus has already expanded from the size of a plum to the size of an apple. Whattttttttttttttt!   So if […]


March 16, 2022

Why you shouldn't complain about photography prices

Why you shouldn’t complain about photography prices

Why you shouldn’t complain about photography prices Have you ever had a client question your prices when they can go to Walmart and print a photo for $.25? I have.    Your first instinct may be to launch into a technical tirade of how much better your professional lab’s ink and papers are and everything […]


March 14, 2022