6 Free Tips From A Maternity & Newborn Photographer: Choosing The Right Studio For YOU

As an experienced and well-established maternity and newborn photographer, I understand how draining and overwhelming going through portfolio after portfolio can become. What are you really learning by only looking at the outcome of a maternity or newborn photography session? How will you know a photographer is the best fit for YOU and this special time in your life?

This is where I’m here to help. Keep reading to discover 6 Tips to help you find your perfect maternity + newborn photographer:

Making sure your photographer is experienced and comfortable meeting your expectations is one of the most important aspects of finding a maternity/newborn photographer.


With over a decade of experience specializing in photographing newborns, mothers, and families in the style you’ve come to expect and love from me, your session is NOT my first rodeo. 

When considering maternity or newborn photographers, you want to choose someone who knows how to pose and flatter the pregnant figure, capture genuine love in every photograph, and work with delicate newborn posing. We make you look your best, every single time! 

When it comes to handing over your precious baby to a relative stranger, you want to be confident they know how to keep your baby safe while getting all those adorable poses you’ve been dreaming about.

We have photographed over 1,000 babies and have trained with some of the most

prestigious photographers in the world to learnthe latest techniques in photography and posing. We take safety very seriously and make sure your baby is always comfortable and cared for.

We also have an abundance of “tools” in our figurative toolbox to keep even the fussiest newborns happy and cooperative. I’ve learned many wrapping techniques over the years that, while absolutely adorable in photos, are also loved by babies because they feel safe and secure. So rest assured, even if we need to do the entire shoot wrapped, I have a variety of wrapping techniques to ensure every look is completely different while still swaddling your little one. So don’t ever worry about how your baby will behave during their newborn session – I can handle it! I promise! 

And don’t worry, our focus isn’t only on the baby’s comfort – we’re mindful of our pregnant client’s comfort and safety as well. We check in often during your shoot, allow plenty of time for breaks to sit down, drink some water, have a snack, and stay cool. You are truly in the best hands with our professional team.

We have a wide range of clothing in our glamorous client closet, and even have plenty of options for your little one's newborn photoshoot.


When you think of having portraits taken, what’s your first thought? For many of our clients, it’s “Oh no, what will I wear?”

Because of this, we’ve put together a curated Client Closet full of over 300 pieces including Designer gowns, silk fabrics fordraping and tossing, accessories and headpieces, and even angel wings! We have every color, neckline, and sleeve length, too. Our closet is size-inclusive with a range of styles so you always have something that will fit your taste – whether that be completely covered up, a little skin, or no clothing at all. 

For your newborn sessions, we have everything you need! All the props, wraps, headbands, bonnets, and outfits are available in our studio for your use! You really don’t need to bring much with you. We even change diapers! Just sit back and watch your beautiful newborn be photographed in the most gorgeous setups and adorable poses that will make your heart swell.

We also help style the rest of the family so everyone looks good together, on camera, and ultimately, hanging in your home (hint: it’s often different than what we’d wear out to dinner, mom’s night, or shopping at Target). 

Professional hair and makeup makeovers are included on-site.

Professional Hair And Makeup

You’re beautiful exactly how you are, but let’s be honest: When trying to get out the door with a brand new baby and maybe even 

a toddler in tow means mom is always the last to get herself ready. Imagine being able to hop in the car as you are, arriving at thestudio, and being completely pampered by a professional hair and makeup artist ready to glam you up and make you feel your absolute best!

Dark circles got you worried? We understand how sleep-deprived you are, so just plop down in our makeup chair and relax as we smooth away imperfections and give you a nice, bright and awake look to help you look and feel your best self in your portraits.

We are well-adjusted to working with families and children with special needs. We're here to match your pace and make this an unforgettable experience.


I used to worry that if I didn’t take 3 hours for every shoot, my clients would feel like they didn’t get their money’s worth. After having my own daughter, I now realize what parents really want: the most variety, in the shortest amount of time.

Motherhood portrait with her two children

We know kids don’t have the longest attention spans, and honestly, neither does dad! No one wants to spend endless hours in thestudio, so I’ve created a specific workflow during sessions to capture lots of variety and options without needing much from you. I like to keep posing simple and focus on the connection between you and your family. No “say cheese” around here. 

I have a lot of experience with kids as well (we aren’t strangers to special needs either! Just let us know if your child needs any special care during their session). My entire team is filled with moms so we’re not surprised or bothered by any toddler antics. We want you to feel relaxed while we handle getting your kiddos to smile and genuinely enjoy their time in front of my camera.

We have a lot of techniques we use with toddlers to gain their cooperation. And we don’t force any particular poses. So if your child doesn’t want to do one pose, no problem! We’ll move on to the next! We also send a Prep Guide with tips on talking to your little ones about the shoot and how to get them excited!

No matter the focus of your photography session, we'll bring forth your favorite qualities and highlight the best moments of maternity.


At the end of the day, what do you want your portraits to look like?  Do you want more intricate newborn posing, more baby-led dark moody images, or more of a bright, natural look? Do you want to look connected with your family and see emotion or see a more classic, posed portrait? Are you choosing a photographer who has a style you love that matches your home decor so you can hang your portraits on your wall?

Not every photographer is the perfect match for your family, so look around and find someone whose work speaks to your personal style and aesthetic. Every photographer should highlight their work and the range of styles they offer in their maternity and newborn galleries. 

Stunning products to match any home decor.


Most of our clients are busy, working moms with a lot on their plate. They love their family deeply and want the best for them. We discovered how many families never did anything with their digital photos from their last photographer who ONLY offered USB copies. We know you want these gorgeous images up on your wall and printed in a tangible form you can enjoy for years to come.

That’s why we’ve curated a collection of archival quality pieces for you to choose from to print your portraits. We offer custom framing (and installation), keepsake boxes, heirloom albums, and more. We’ll help you choose the best options for your home so you can touch and hold all those cherished family memories each day.

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