Pregnancy Boudoir | Is it for you?

Pregnancy Boudoir

Pregnancy Boudoir | Is it for you?

“I feel huge” is the first thing out of many of my client’s mouths. You aren’t alone! Your body is going through an insane amount of changes, and fast! At six weeks, your uterus has already expanded from the size of a plum to the size of an apple. Whattttttttttttttt!


So if pregnancy isn’t making you feel like your most beautiful self, it’s all the more reason to take some gorgeous Pregnancy boudoir photos! “When we look in the mirror our eyes often go directly to our perceived flaws,” says boudoir photography specialist Lori Berkowitz. “The shoot experience is an opportunity to erase a lot of that data. You’ll see yourself through my eyes, and how you feel about your body will be positively changed moving forward.”


By the end of your shoot you’ll be saying “I can’t believe that’s me.”


Hearing those words are such sweet sweet music to my ears. Showing expecting mother’s how beautiful they are, how they glow while carrying life is the best part of what I do. I want you to feel good about yourself and see what everyone else sees when they look at you. You deserve to be pampered and photographed in a way that makes you feel empowered and safe. I find your best angles and expressions and walk you through the posing to best flatter your unique self. I will make you look amazing! Promise!

pregnant mother in black bra and panties

What a few of our beautiful clients had to say about their Pregnancy boudoir experience:

“Amanda has such an attention to detail. She is wildly skilled and her experience radiates throughout the entire experience from the initial conversation to the delivery of the images. If you are on the fence about the investment, please know that you will not regret it for one second. There is a tiny window of time where you’re able to capture these moments. I am so happy that we chose to go with someone who knew exactly what they were doing, opposed to someone with less experience to save money.” – Kahley

pink background portrait of expecting mother

motherhood reflected

“She is not only an amazing photographer who’s kindness and talent makes me feel confident, smart, and beautiful at any size but I also love watching her work her magic. She is a genius storytelling master. She uses her subjects to convey mood and emotion–something that all portrait photographers should do. If you are concerned about her prices I will tell you I was at first shocked but now would pay even more for what she creates. It’s an investment that you will cherish for a lifetime. So pull the trigger and hire her! Her setups are often simple. But she infuses her portraits with intense emotion and intrigue. She tells story with her portraits and she brings a personal connection to the photos like she’s known me and my family all along. Amanda often develops special relationships with all of her clients, staying in touch long after the shoot. Amanda is a photographer who is empowering Black Women like me to feel beautiful and smart at any size and she’s worth investing in! I am a lifelong fan!” – Briana

milk bath pregnancy with floral crown

“I had my maternity pictures done by Amanda. Oh my gosh, let me tell you I am completely and totally obsessed with them. First off, Amanda is a complete joy to work with, I told her I was a plus-sized mother to be and immediately she informed me that her closet in the studio covered a wide range of sizes. We set-up a day and time for my husband and I to meet with her, she was fantastic with both of us, and we decided to work with her. She made me feel amazing, I joked with my husband that I wished she was able to follow me around everyday because of how good she made me feel during the process. All of that translated into my pictures… honestly, I was awestruck with how amazing they were. Stunning. I posted them after my son was born and I had friends asking me who I knew at Vogue that took my pictures.” –Jaclyn

nude pregnancy photoshoot

mysterious maternity portrait

When to schedule your shoot | Pregnancy Boudoir

backlit maternity photographer

I recommend doing your shoot when you are between 28-34 weeks. This is the sweet spot for maternity boudoir so you’re showing and have a nice belly but haven’t gotten to that point in your pregnancy that you’re starting to feel tired and puffy with swollen ankles etc. We also do some poses where we have you lie on the floor and we like you to be able to do so comfortably AND still be able to get back up after we get the shot! The best time to find a photographer and plan for your shoot is once you’re past the 1st trimester. Plan ahead to get the photographer you want as most of the sought-after Pregnancy boudoir photographers book up months in advance.


Know your Photographer | Pregnancy Boudoir

maternity boudoir

This one cannot be stressed enough. Not all maternity boudoir photographers are created equal. Make sure it is someone you would be okay within the studio partially nude, or fully nude. Look at their portfolio of work to ensure you’re going to be happy with their style, posing and lighting and how they retouch their images. Ask about their process, and what you should expect from your session. Clarify the style you both are going for with the shoot. Ask about how they got into photography, how long they have been doing these kinds of shoots, etc. Just get comfortable with them and their personality. Check out their reviews and ask for referrals! And always trust your gut! If they don’t seem like a good fit, don’t book with them! Your comfort and knowing you can trust your Pregnancy boudoir photographer is paramount. One of my favorite boudoir photographers had this to say about her clients:

“So, in the case of photography, people that come to see me probably value:

-safety & security

-comfort & accessibility

-consent & playfulness

-empowering experiences

-the opportunity to freely explore who they are without judgment

-quality imagery

-aligning with someone who strives for inclusivity in AND out of her business

-seeing bodies like theirs represented

-the ability to explore how their mindset impacts their reality

-someone who will treat them, their body, and their stories with respect

And if they DON’T value these things, that’s totally fine – there are photographers out there who can cater to whatever their values are.

There is someone for everyone.

So, yeah

I might be “expensive”

But I am worth it

But more importantly,

So are you.”


Don’t settle for anything but the best experience! In 2020, there was an average of 1.93 children under 18 per family in the United States, so for most people, this is a once MAYBE twice in a lifetime experience. Make it count!


What to bring | Pregnancy Boudoir

maternity portrait with sheer chiffon

A simple wardrobe is best. Bring a pair of black panties, a black bra, a white button down shirt, and a pair of panties/thong to match your skin tone. I also recommend a pair of non maternity jeans that you can leave the top button undone for a classic vogue inspired look. We also love the matching Calvin Klein look! Outside of that, we have a TON of options in our Client Closet full of Couture Gowns and Italian Silk Fabrics we use to drape you. Most clients find far too many items they love in the client closet versus not enough. We have every color, style, neckline and sleeve length you can imagine. But we’re also very skilled at photographing you with nothing but your birthday suit! 


How naked should you get? | Pregnancy Boudoir

blue maternity dress

There’s no requirement to be nude if you don’t want to. Your comfort level is the most important thing to us. And we NEVER share your images without express consent from you. This is a safe place and we respect our client’s privacy above all else. Most of our clients start out with gowns and dresses, then move to fabric draping and ease their way into having the confidence to bare all. Some of our clients love the silhouette images that just show off the edges of your body but everything else is hidden away in shadow. Sensual imagery is often about what is implied but not shown. Even our fully nude maternity boudoir photos we leave something to the imagination and it’s done in a tasteful way. An artful way.


Should I be concerned about extra weight (chin, arms, thighs) and stretch marks? | Pregnancy Boudoir

shadowy maternity photo

I want you to feel beautiful and relaxed during your photography experience as well as to treasure your final images. High end retouching is included for every portrait you choose and you don’t have to worry about any imperfections such as blemishes, stretch marks and certain body contours. We specialize in the most comprehensive and detailed editing and will enhance and transform the image into a stunning work of art.


Body Grooming | Pregnancy Boudoir

backlit maternity

Your hands and feet will probably play a bigger role in your session than you think! Treat yourself and get a manicure and pedicure. You will be touching and holding your bump, making your hands pretty central throughout the shoot. Your feet might also be visible. We would hate for distracting nails to pull the focus from your belly.


Remove body hair however you usually do! Right before a shoot is not the time to switch up your process. If you wax, make sure and have your appointment 2-3 days before your session. Your skin will definitely need time to calm down before you get in front of the camera.


I recommend lotioning well the week before your shoot (especially dry areas like knees and elbows!).


Take care of yourself | Pregnancy Boudoir

vogue inspired pregnancy photo

Leading up to your session, take extra good care of yourself. We are sure that you already are since you are growing a human! Drink a lot of water, avoid super-sugary or fried foods. And don’t eat anything that might contribute to water retention. Also- get a good night’s sleep before your session so you’re feeling refreshed and ready to slay your Pregnancy boudoir shoot!


Hair and Makeup | Pregnancy Boudoir

glowing pregnant mother

Did you think I’d leave you hanging when it comes to hair and makeup? If you haven’t noticed by now, we like to make everything so incredibly easy for you that we have a team of professional hair and makeup artists available for your session day. Just show up in your LuluLemon leggings and we’ll give you a fabulous makeover including false eyelashes to make your eyes really pop in the photos! My team is there to make you feel beautiful whether that means a full glam look with a dark Smokey eye or a very natural “no makeup” makeup look with glowing flawless skin. 


We even send out email reminders prior to your maternity portrait shoot with tips on prepping your skin, lips and hair for the most camera ready look possible.


We really hope that this helps you have a better idea of what your Pregnancy boudoir session will be like, and put your mind at ease. If you’d like to schedule a session, don’t hesitate to reach out. Please call or text Amanda at 330.241.9608 or use the form below. She will get back to you quickly!


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