Coronavirus + your newborn session

Coronavirus + your newborn session

I have been getting messages and emails from clients wondering about bringing their babies out for their newborn session during this time of panic regarding Coronavirus. I wanted to address this in a blog post that will be easily shareable for my clients.

I am not a medical professional, but I have been keeping a close eye on Coronavirus and I want to share what I’ve found.

As of today, there are no confirmed cases of Coronavirus in Ohio. So this is good news!

It’s helpful to understand how it spreads to help us know what risks there are to bringing out new babies out to their newborn session.

Scientists are still figuring out how the virus exactly spreads but have provided some guidance on how it seems to be transmitted. A study of other coronaviruses found they remained on metal, glass and plastic for two hours to nine days.

Certain objects, like handles and doorknobs, are “disproportionally affected by hands, and those are the surfaces most likely to have viruses for that reason,” Dr. Thomas said.

From WHO: ” When a cluster of several infected people occurred in China, it was most often (78-85%) caused by an infection within the family by droplets and other carriers of infection in close contact with an infected person. Transmission by fine aerosols in the air over long distances is not one of the main causes of spread”

There is also good news for babies and children:

The younger you are, the less likely you are to be infected and the less likely you are to fall seriously ill if you do get infected:

Age% of population% of infectedFatality
0-912.0%0,9%0 as of now

My team and I have always had safety/cleanliness as a top priority in my studio. Every item/surface that a baby touches is washed and disinfected. This includes: fabrics, wraps, hats, props etc.

Additionally, we always wash our hands thoroughly prior to ever handling your sweet baby. And we wash our hands often throughout the process of working with you. The studio is also cleaned before and after each session (surfaces are wiped down, floors are swept and mopped). During cold and flu season we are even more vigilant about these processes.

If any of my team, or myself have even a sniffle, your session will be rescheduled. The same goes for clients with small children who are ill. There is no fee to reschedule a session due to illness. If you or your child is sick, please let me know and we will reschedule!

As always, if you have any concerns, please reach out to me directly and we can discuss! I appreciate all the beautiful families who trust me to care for their newborn as if they were my own.

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