amanda ellis




The final of the traditional “milestone” baby sessions is 12 months. Turning one whole year old is obviously a major milestone! Your baby isn’t a little baby anymore-they’re a toddler. ((cue tears)) This is your sweetie’s first ever birthday and it’s also closing the chapter on the baby stage, a completely bittersweet occasion that you’re going to want captured! It’s something to be celebrated and cherished-not just for your baby, but for you! You did it: you gave this person life, you survived the crazy sleepless newborn stage, you watched and encouraged and loved them as they grew and learned how to do everything and here you both are. You made it an entire year and you have this amazing person to show for it. So let’s take some cute pictures that you can stare at and show off!

 At 12 months babies have teeth (probably), they’re eating, they sit, they crawl, they stand, they may even be walking! They’re in a completely different place than they were when we last photographed them and are tiny little people now. They’ll probably be babbling away and on the move and doing a million adorable and funny things that I can’t wait to photograph. And, of course, there’s always the famous cake smash pictures that are absolutely one of my favorite things. There is something priceless about watching a baby tentatively approach the cake and then just annihilate it. Plus there are so many cute ways to style it. 12 month sessions are so fun and can be so creative and I can’t wait to talk to you about how you want your little one’s first birthday shoot to go!