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A few months back I had the honor of photographing some of Cleveland’s amazing pole dancers! Since it’s not my typical subject matter, you may be wondering how I got the job. Well let me tell you… every week I take Pole Fitness Classes! This is a part of my life I don’t often share with clients because of the stigma associated. But I wanted to enlighten those who would like to read on!

Not all pole dancers are strippers. Pole dance class has allowed me to exercise and get stronger in a way that is anything but boring! The gym bores me to tears! Pole dancing is a true athletic sport (as the following images will attest to) and also an art form. When I look at these images, I see beauty, strength, grace and ART! There is nothing overtly sexual about these images. All the dancers have worked hard, many of them for YEARS to achieve the poses you see in the images.

The thing that most struck me when I first started taking lessons was the amazing community of (mostly) women. Growing up I often had issues getting along with other girls. The cattiness and constant judging was the norm for many of my female friendships. But at pole class, everyone is welcome. I couldn’t even do a push up when I started. It didn’t matter! Everyone is there to cheer you on while you reach your goals. I’ve met some of my best friends through pole class, and have learned how to be an even more accepting person, a better person. I can honestly say that pole dancing has changed my life for the better.

I hope to someday be as good as these aerial artists. But for now, I will continue to take classes at Cleveland Exotic Dance and have a blast doing it!



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  • amazing girly! Truly beautiful! I shouldn’t have given up so easily! These are magic! xoxoxReplyCancel