When should I schedule newborn photography?

The ideal time for a newborn session is between 5-10 days after birth (For more information on this please see my blog post “Why Photograph Newborns in the first two weeks”).  In order to ensure that you get an appointment time within that very short window of opportunity you should book your newborn photography session while you are still pregnant, at least 2 months in advance is advised.  I book a limited number of due dates per week to allow flexibility for babies that come early or late.  As soon as your baby is born you should contact me ASAP to firm up a date within those first couple of weeks. For more information on choosing the right newborn photographer see my blog post “10 Questions to ask before hiring your newborn photographer.”


How long does the session last?

2-4 hours


Where will the session take place?

My home studio in Akron, Ohio


What should I wear?

I prefer skin on skin parent images. I wrap mom in fabric and ask dad to remove his shirt. If you aren’t comfortable with this, please wear neutral, solid colored tops (cream, beige or brown).


What should I bring?

Sessions last up to 4 hours, so please bring a snack, some reading material to keep you busy and anything else you might need in that time frame. A detailed How to Prep Guide will be sent to you upon booking.


Why is the ideal age between 5-10 days?

Newborn babies change very, very fast.  In order to capture those sweet, sleepy, womb-like poses you see on my site the session needs to be done very early on.  After the first couple of weeks babies tend to become more and more alert and have much longer periods of awake time making it much more difficult to capture their ‘newness’.


I missed the 2 week window, what should I do now?

Please inquire if there are any last minute openings available, however if you are over 3 weeks from the date of birth your session might not be considered a newborn session.  Please inquire if you have any questions about this as there are always exceptions to every rule, such as in the case of babies that were born much earlier than expected.  Often times in these cases I can still capture the newborn look to your photos but I can’t guarantee we will get all of the poses you see on my site.


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