Family Films

When I got married, everything was perfect – I loved all my vendors, the setting was beautiful, everything went smoothly.

I only have 1 regret. And it’s a big one.

I didn’t hire a videographer. I didn’t want to spend more money on something I didn’t think I needed. I was wrong. I look at my wedding photos, and LOVE them. But I want to WATCH the 3 piece orchestra we hired playing my favorite classical music. I want to HEAR my fiance say his vows to me. I want to SEE the tears in our eyes during the toasts. Photos are valuable for sure, but there’s something about video that makes you feel a certain way even deeper than looking at a photograph. You’re watching real connection and raw emotions as they are happening!

Something I would always hear from clients and friends with children, is how they go back to watch videos on their phones of their kids. They love photos too, but they pull up video because they want to see laughter, and movement and not only the smiles, but what prompted those smiles!

Imagine being able to go back and re-live a day in your childhood with your family. To see the house you grew up in, hear the belly laughs, and feel that love again. Would you? I would love to create that for your children, and your children’s children.


Introducing Family Films:


Here is what these mom’s had to say about their films:

“Love love love it so much. The entire film just brings nothing but pure happiness and joy which is EXACTLY what I was hoping for. You captured my typical boring Saturday, which is my absolute favorite kind of day. You have given us the best gift of these memories with our kids.” – Kate Metzger

“It makes me so happy to have this to commemorate such a special time in our lives. Visually, I love the scene in the beginning that starts with me and Lexi in the chair and then zooms over to Zoe writing in the card. It’s like seeing a dream come to life – spending time with my daughters in their room and dreaming about all the memories we will make there together.” – Stephanie Everett

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