Destin, FL Trip 2016

A couple weeks ago we flew down to see our new Niece, Evelyn (View her newborn photos here!) who lives in Biloxi, MS! We figured while we were down south, we would make a vacation out of it! We heard about Destin through a few friends that highly recommended it. After looking at photos of the beautiful blue/green water and white sand beaches, I knew it would be perfect! We stayed at a newly renovated condo right on the beach! It was perfect! Most of the photos you’ll see are of my other Niece, Charlotte! You’ve probably seen photos of her here and there on my blog and facebook page! I did their family photos on the beach also, see those images here! She is 26 months (just over 2 years, if you hate doing the kid month math) and I loved traveling with her! She is such a sweet little person!

I didn’t take a ton of photos because I honestly HATE lugging my big camera around. I’m more of a “live in the moment” kind of person. I should have taken a small point and shoot. I would have used that a lot more! But, the ones I did take, I love! Please enjoy!

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We did a dolphin tour and saw dolphins!!! They said they never guarantee that you’ll see any, and we saw 3 sets of 2! So either they tell you that to make you feel special, or we really were special! I will believe that we are special 🙂

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Charlotte loves playing “High five! Down low! Too slow!” She finds it HILARIOUS.

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What she doesn’t find hilarious though, is sunscreen. She HATES sunscreen. I didn’t get any photos of her hating sunscreen… darn. But here are some of her having a grand old time in the sand!!

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Because when there’s a mirror, you have to take a mirror selfie!

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The day we did family photos, she was not in a smiley mood. But in the airport, waiting for our flight from Atlanta to Cleveland, she was being a little ham! So I pulled out my camera, expecting her to not continue being cute (because that’s how toddlers work, you know) and I was so surprised when she kept smiling and even posed with her apple juice! Haha.

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