When should I book my baby session?

I book out 4-6 weeks in advance, so please plan accordingly. Contact me for more details, sometimes there are last minute openings.

I believe in the philosophy of “Stages not Ages” so the milestones after newborn are: 3-4 months (when your baby is laying on their tummy and holding their head up nice and strong). 6-7 months (when your baby can sit unassisted. They need to be able to sit up nice and strong with their back straight without toppling over). 12 months (This is the time for their formal 1 year portrait!)


How long does the session last?

Up to 1 hour


Where will the session take place?

My home studio in Akron, Ohio or an outdoor location we choose ahead of time.


What should my baby wear?

I have a few little knit pants and hats you can choose from, or you can plan 1-2 outfits for your baby (simple is best). Also, there’s nothing wrong with their birthday suit!


What should I bring?

Anything special you would like to incorporate into the session, your child’s favorite toy to get their attention and help them look at me, and a non-messy snack in case they get hungry.


Do you do Cake Smashes?

Yes! Cake Smashes are one of my favorite session types! You are welcome to provide the cake and any decorations you’d like, or you can order them through me. Please contact me for details!


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