amanda ellis



6 Years Married

Every year on our anniversary I write a blog post. This year, I am behind a day. Life has gotten in the way! But I didn’t want to skip it altogether because there is so much that has happened this past year!

It’s crazy to think we’ve been married 6 years (together 8). The time goes quickly. Especially this past year. Having a baby, living through a global pandemic. We’ve had a lot of stress this year. I didn’t know if my photography business would survive being shut down for 4 months. We didn’t know if Brian’s business would make it through either with most of his clients ceasing operations for a period of time. But I think we came out of it better than before. When other couples were filing for divorce after being cooped up with one another for months on end; we adjusted and made the best of it. We’ve never shied away from a challenge. Honestly, I think we tend to thrive under “do or die” situations. We are both survivors and scrappy as hell haha.

I’m so thankful that not only are we husband and wife, father and mother, we are also friends. And we want what’s best for the other person, never letting stress consume us. We bring out the best in each other, and I hope we can continue to do so and set a good example for Olive.

Here’s to another 6 years and beyond!

Photos by the talented Chelsey Hill Photography