My very last session before the Shelter in Place order: Everett & Sadie! Aren’t they the sweetest? Everett was so sweet and ready to be photographed! He did everything I asked and gave me the best natural smiles and real laughs.

Sadie was a spirited two year old, as you can imagine. I always have a little bit of nerves before any session, but especially one with toddler ages. But you know what? It always works out. I treat kids like the real people they are with feelings and preferences, reservations about me and this new place and we take as long as we need, to get the best portraits.

Your session is never rushed. Kids are unpredictable and if you’ve got a clock ticking, any tension in the room adds to their stress and unpredictability. So we keep it really really relaxed in my studio. I ask them questions and make the session fun which lends itself to getting those beautiful real smiles and reactions.