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Akron Newborn Photographer

I thought it would be fun to do a little “get to know me” post! So here are 10 things about me that you hopefully didn’t already know!

1.  Growing up I wanted to be a professional choreographer (Ha, no clue what I was thinking though since I can’t dance for crap!)

2. I wear a size 7 shoe

3. I used to play the drums in a band called Encrypted when I was in high school. We played mostly covers by Weezer and Green Day but we also wrote our own songs!

4. I’m divorced and re-married (to my love and absolute favorite person, Brian)

5. I question daily whether I’m cut out for being a business owner. But then I’ll shoot a session and my clients will be so thrilled and it keeps me going. All of  you are my why!

6. I’m afraid of heights but I LOVE roller-coasters…. go figure.

7. I’m kind of a hippie

8. In addition to photography, I also work full time in the accounting department of a small consulting company in Wadsworth called Saberlogic

9. I have more black clothing than any other color in my wardrobe

10. My favorite coffee drink is a White Mocha from Civilization in Cleveland

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  • Marieve

    No. 5…

    Never doubt your talents! We ALL love your work!!!ReplyCancel